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Iconic Comics
The Resort
Cop Story
Aliens Attack!



Welcome to Iconic Comics!

Our goal is to become the world's leading comic media company by consistently delivering high-quality stories and art.  We have many stories just waiting to be told!



What's New!


The Resort

Six teens are out to have a vacation of a lifetime before heading their separate ways for college. They think they've found paradise, instead, they've found hell.  Trapped on a tropical island in the Caribbean Sea without any outside communication they are being hunted and by one.  

The exciting 4-issue mini-series series written by Christopher J. O'Bryant, with stunning art by Nando, and Andrés Bretones.  Colors by Berny Julianto of Petjel Studio and Sergio Martín Monlleó.  Buy issue #1 now! 



A mysterious encounter with two beautiful women leads a man to time-travel to WWII to prevent a horrible explosion from occurring.  Unfortunately, he can't remember who he is when he arrives!  This race-against-time story blends elements of action, history and sci-fi!  A six-issue mini-series written by Michael LeClair, with fabulous art by Tibor.  Coming Soon!




Here's a brief look at our other exciting upcoming projects:


Aliens Attack!:  Aliens attack humans at various points in history.  A five-issue mini-series.



Cop story:  Two police officers investigate a routine break and enter.  However it's much more than they bargained for as they become embroiled in a couple's struggle to destroy one another and gain control of the criminal empire they created.  Cop 'film noir' action!  A six-issue mini-series. 



Distraction:  A scientist working at a nuclear facility begins to experience odd events which lead him to question his sanity.  When he awakens in a post-nuclear world, he wonders if it's in fact reality or just a figment of his twisted mind.  A four-issue mini-series.   



Freak Island:  A group of criminals crash land on a mysterious island that grants them weird super-human abilities.  Power relationships become skewed resulting in a conflict to determine who will control the island.  A six-issue mini-series.  



Space Crew:  A crew of space rangers become involved in a series of adventures that take them beyond their little corner of the universe.  The stories follow a format similar to Star Trek and other space shows, but artistically it's inspired by Moebius.  A twelve-issue mini-series.  




We want to hear from you, our loyal readers!  Be sure to contact us with your feedback about these exciting stories!



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